How Sports Keep The Body Healthy


Sports is an activity involving physical exertion and skills in which individuals or team competes against another, or others for entertainment sports are enjoyed by many, some uses sports for hobbies while others engages in sports to represent their country or clubs, as such it becomes their job, sports make people happy because they are energized when they play, sports also bring people together, all the more reasons for people to enjoy, however there are more benefits that people gain from sports, these benefits are health benefits, so how does sports keep the body healthy? 

The first way is by keeping the body in shape, the vigorous physical activities that comes with sports, cause the body to become stronger and fitter, this result in people being healthier. Sports also makes the body healthy because it benefits and builds up the mind, people who participate is sports have less brain shrinkage overall, a sign of dementia and alzheimer’s disease, than those who don’t do as much sports. People who partake in sports builds and sustain healthier relationships, this is because playing sports means  playing on a team, people who are able to work in a team is able to build better relationships since they would have to had experience of how to work well to build lasting relationships.

Participating in sports have been shown to effectively reduce a number of health issues, it reduces depression in that it causes people to be stressfree,  being stressfree means less to worry about which means they will not be in a state of mind to become depressed, sports also reduces the chance of suffering from anxiety,anxiety usually affects weak people, weak both physically and mentally, participating in sports massage in Sydney CBD exercises the body and mind which means that those who play sports will have a strong body and a strong mind which means that the chances of them suffering from anxiety is at a low. Sports also reduces psychological distress as well as emotional disturbances, playing sports help in weight control, this is because playing sports motivates people to be more physically active and to push them self to achieve their goals.

Having to weight a certain amount of pound to play a game encourages people to work hard to gain and maintain that particular weight sports help the body to keep healthy, as people who are active in sports abstain from dangerous drugs. Smoking is harmful to people as people who smoke has a higher chance of catching cancer, this is because the body’s organs would be damaged. people who play sports are not suppose to smoke at all, this means that their body will be healthier, since they have to abstain from harmful substances. Therefore people who wants to keep their body healthy while enjoying themselves and possibly earning money from it should consider engaging in different types of sports.